I took up Archery after sustaining a spinal cord injury in 1989. It's one of those individual sports that allows you to practice and develop at your own pace, fitting it into all the other aspects of your life, rather than having to commit to the kind of training required for most high-intensity or team sports. It's also a good excuse for spending all weekend out in the sunshine (although more often than not it will be raining in the UK!). I've been competing with the GB team since 1995 and have been to three Paralympic Games. My best achievements have been an Individual Gold in Athens 2004 and Individual Silver in Beijing 2008. Naturally, the main aim now is to prepare for London 2012, but before that a place must be gained - there is no automatic entry! So the Para-Archery World Championships in Torino 2011 will be hugely important.

Nikon Fieldscope 65-A

Spotting scope


Nikon Fieldscope 65-A, Spotting scope

John Cavanagh says:

My current Nikon scope is over seven years old and has certainly seen better days. A good scope is essential to accurately distinguish arrows on targets 70m away. This is one of the best, rugged and waterproof - essential for the British weather!

Easton X10 Protour arrows

One dozen Competition arrows


Easton X10 Protour arrows, One dozen Competition arrows

John Cavanagh says:

Perhaps the best competition arrows - winning tournaments everywhere. Sold in accurately matched dozens, they are made from a very thin aluminium tube wrapped in carbon fibre with an aerodynamic profile. They can be carefully tuned and the tips (piles) are made of tungsten. Although very durable, they can be damaged by over-hard targets and general wear-and-tear when practising.

Tournament costs

Competition essentials


Tournament costs, Competition essentials

John Cavanagh says:

Costs for competing in a typical two-day Tournament, e.g. at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. This is for a 350 miles round trip, two nights accommodation and entry fees.

Easton ACC arrows

One dozen Practice arrows


Easton ACC arrows, One dozen Practice arrows

John Cavanagh says:

These are a cheaper set of arrows for general practice, particularly at shorter distances when arrow damage can be significant.

Easton X7 Eclipse arrows

One dozen Indoor arrows


Easton X7 Eclipse arrows, One dozen Indoor arrows

John Cavanagh says:

These light aluminium arrows are the maximum allowable diameter (9.3mm), used specifically for indoor tournaments where the scoring zones are tiny!

Active Hands general-purpose aid

Strapping to provide a strong grip


Active Hands general-purpose aid, Strapping to provide a strong grip

John Cavanagh says:

I have limited functional grip with my left hand, and none with my right - these would allow me to quickly and safely hold on to all kinds of items, whether for domestic or training purposes.