On 24th October 2000 Graham's life was dramatically changed, when he was seriously injured in a road accident. Graham defied the medical profession by proving not only that he was going to walk again, but he was going to achieve what others only dream of. Although seriously disabled, in 2004 Graham qualified for the Paralympics. Following extensive training, his debut on the world scene proved his worth and ability as one of the top athletes in the world by achieving a Gold Medal and World Record with the 4 x 100m Freestyle swimming team. His success continued in the World Championships in Durban 2006 with another Gold and World Record. In the Beijing Paralympics 2008 he achieved another Gold and World Record exceeding most people's expectations, proving once again that nothing is too far out of his reach.

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Graham Edmunds says:

I wouldn't mind any smart phone however the reviews are very good especially as it has good internet capabilities for email.

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These are low profile swimming goggles, that fit my face better tan any other pair.