Anna Turney, Paralympian, didn't let becoming paralysed from waist in a snowboarding accident put her off snow. She got straight back up the mountain, learned new skills and within 4 years of her accident, achieved her goal of racing in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics. She is now aiming to medal in 2011 World Championships and going for gold in 2014 Sochi Paralympics!

Kia Car



Kia Car, Car

Anna Turney says:

Spacious and economic for racing and training.

Salomon Race Skis

Race Skis


Salomon Race Skis, Race Skis

Anna Turney says:

Anna finds Salomon skis really reactive and fast.

Superlite Outriggers

Arm supports used for balance


Superlite Outriggers, Arm supports used for balance

Anna Turney says:

Practical and fast.

POC JMS Skull Comp Helmet

Racing Helmet


POC JMS Skull Comp Helmet, Racing Helmet

Anna Turney says:

Ultimate comfort and essential protection.

Oakley A'Frame Goggles & Lenses

Goggles and lenses for different snow conditions


Oakley A'Frame Goggles & Lenses, Goggles and lenses for different snow conditions

Anna Turney says:

Oakley offer the best in lens technology and durability.

Leki Race Glove

Proctective and warm mits


Leki Race Glove, Proctective and warm mits

Anna Turney says:

Warmth and protection from slalom gates!