An Athlete is a very special individual. They have a very different life to most people, and despite the celebrity status that many of the very successful ones have, the majority of the athletes in the UK rely heavily on support from the national lottery, friends, family and of course, sponsors like you.

Team sponsor is a web site which has been developed for our athletes. Everyone here is either an elite performing athlete, or is on a development programme to become a star of the future. We have vetted them, so you can be sure that whoever you sponsor, in whichever sport, it is going to be a worthy investment.

For most athletes, the size of your sponsorship is not important. They are not looking for a huge amount of money. They just need your help to buy a specilaised piece of kit or simply a new pair of trainers. Whatever you decide to sponsor, you can be assured that it will be greatfully received.

Team sponsor is a not for profit organisation. So the majority (90%) of the money that you sponsor will go direct to the athlete themselves. The remainder (10%) will be used to cover administration and running costs.